Despite the easing of restrictions in the UK, the impact of COVID is still being felt across the globe. Our Indonesian factories are currently working with a reduced workforce due to a country-wide lockdown that has been in place since July 14th due to the rising number of deaths in the country over the past 4 weeks. Production has continued and we have lots of product ready to leave the factory, however shipping/container issues still remain the main reason for product delays with space on board containers becoming extremely difficult to obtain. 

Surcharge Increase
Shipping rates are unbelievably continuing to rise with the current cost of a 40ft container averaging around $15,000 per container.
Therefore, it is with regret but necessary, to increase the current 6% surcharge we implemented in May to 15% for the majority of indoor and outdoor items as we are unable to continue to absorb this level of extra cost. 
The new surcharges will be applied to customer orders received from Wednesday 1st September 2021.

- We must also advise that further surcharge increases cannot be ruled out if shipping rates continue to rise.